Previous Next Greenhouse for growing vegetables for Getliņi EKO Ltd

Customer: Getliņi EKO Ltd

Detail design and supervision by author: Gints un kolēģi Ltd

Construction design: ZETA TEHNOLOĢIJA Ltd and AMMERLAAN Construction (Netherlands)

Manufacture of constructions: Hortlife BV

Construction supervision: Oļegs Hlusovs


Greenhouse for growing vegetables for Getliņi EKO Ltd

The total build-up area is 2936.4 square meters.

Greenhouse construction area: 32.0 x 40.5 m and 40.0 x 40.5 m.

Total design area: 2877.5 square meters.

The building is a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. It is the first glasshouse in the world where full-led lighting is used for cucumber production.

Construction work was carried out by Arčers. The greenhouse is 0.3 hectares wide, suitable for intensive cucumber cultivation in winter using lighting and recuperation equipment.

The lighting equipment was provided by PHILIPS Horticulture.