Office building
Glazed constructions Riga, Latvia 2013/2014  
Office building
Glazed ALU constructions. Oslo ( Norway), 2010./11.
Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma"
Reconstruction, restoration Rīga, 2011.-2013.
Hotel "Maritim"
Glazed ALU structures, Rīga, 2000.
Office building
Reconstruction Riga, Latvia 2013/2014
Dwelling Houses
Designing, construction. Riga, 2012.- 2013.  
Reconstruction of VEF Production Blocks (1st stage)
Reconstruction. Rīga, Brīvības street 214i, former territory of VEF production blocks. Duration of construction works: 16 months.
Riga Central Railway Station
Glazed ALU structures, 2002./03.
Border crossing point "Vientuļi"
Construction Vientuļi, Vecuma pagasts 2014.
State Police buildings in Latgale region
Construction, restoration Daugavpils Fortress, 2011.-2013.
"AZ Jan Palfinj" hospital
Glazed ALU constructions. Belgium, 2012.-2013.
Office and shopping centre "Tērbata"
Glazed ALU structures, Rīga, 2004.
Office building
Glazed constructions. Oslo, Norway. 2014.
Eastern Latvia Multifunctional Centre of Culture
Rēzekne, 2011.-2013.
School of Art and Musice
Glazed constructions Saldus, 2011. - 2013.
Office building "Citadele"
Glazed ALU structures, Rīga, 2007./08.
"Siemens" Head Office building
Glazed ALU structures, Oslo ( Norway) 2012/14.
Eastern Latvia Multifunctional Centre of Culture
Construction Rēzekne, 2011.-2013.
Westerdals School of Communication
Glazed ALU constructions. Oslo (Norway), 2011.
School of Art and Music
Construction Saldus, 2011. - 2013.
Low-floor tram depot maintenance workshop
Construction Rīga, 2012/2013
Greenhouse for growing vegetables for Getliņi EKO Ltd
Construction. Project implementation: Spring of 2017
Glazed constructions Oslo, Norway 2012.-2013.  
Giraffe House in Rīga Zoo
Construction, 2007.
Riga Cathedral
Tower strengthening and restoration. 2014./2015.
° Complex new buildings
° Reconstruction
° Renovation
° Area improvement
Any volume and complexity of building operations in the range from the first conversation with the client to putting the object into service