Trustworthy, competitive, intelligent company which is respected both by clients and employees; with high quality standarts in job and perfect reputation.
Via working with selfrespect and honesty to enlarge respect and appreciation of Latvia's construction industry.
VALUES (a continued discussion)

Quality   Intelligence     Reliability
For achieving long-term objectives, LTD. Arcers implements the strategy along the following main lines:
• support of a fair competition and the company's activities in accordance with these principles;
• the employer's fulfillment of obligations in good faith in relation to the company's employees and the State;
•the company’s process and system development to improve the quality of work and its results;
• study of the foreign construction market and consolidation as a trusted long-term partner with an excellent reputation;
• maintenance of a safe, motivating work environment and  updating of the company's employees;
• actions within the limits of possibilities for protection and conservation of the environment ;
• creation of an understandable, responsive communication with all the company's impact audiences;
•implementation of measures to maintain and develop an incentive- based working environment for the company’s employees.