Arcers is a construction company, which operates to achieve the  entrepreneurship and business objectives and which is aware-its decisions, acts and the result is a sum, which affects not only the company or sector but the development of the whole national economy, not only the company employees’ but the general public welfare.
Arcers goal is a sustainable development. Within meaning of the company it is attainable only with the good faith of the employer's attitude towards the employees, high business culture and ethics.
A sustainable development of the company in the future is secured by the present four key business environments-in the workplace, community, environment and the sector market.
Arcers corporate social responsibility guidelines
As builders whose activities particularly affect the environment, we implement the environmental policy. 
Arcers LTD. economic activities are organized by the international environmental management standard ISO 14001: 2004. The environmental management is manifested as a consistent enforcement of regulatory requirements and internal regulations for the purpose of environmental conservation and resource saving. Compliance with the environmental requirements and an efficient use of resources are continually monitored and improved within limits of the economic opportunities.
The company in the context of the guidelines includes all the outreach audiences, which both directly and indirectly are in a mutual contact and exposure to the company:
° staff and their families;
° partners, subcontractors, clients;
° the company in the widest sense.
We strive to cultivate our notions of social responsibility, to broaden understanding of it from sponsorship, donation and other forms of support to a wider responsibility for general common needs.
We implement support measures in accordance with the priorities laid down by us in education, culture and sport.
We communicate and explain reasons of our acts to all of our outreach audiences.
We implement fair competition.
We maintain a good relationship with the State.
We implement all the obligations of the business environment against its employees.
Being aware of the practical construction risks to the employees' safety and health, we implement an effective labor safety policy. The employee safety and health is one of the company's top priorities.