The facade and external solutions of the building, windows, doors and multilateral indoor glass solutions are more than just the outer frame of the building or the inner space division. They reproduce the exact and aesthetic requirements of the building, they are intelligent systems that consist of a wide range of technologies, materials and solutions. It all provides security, ergonomics and effectiveness for the everyday use.
Manufacturing of the glazed structures is one of the major sectors and business cards of Arcers. Presently, Arcers SK  is one of the strongest representatives of this sector in Latvia. In the company's production sites, there are manufactured several types of the glazed building structures:
° glazed aluminum structures and facades (ALU)
° full-glass (non-frame) structures
° metal and special structures
Part of this product range, Arcers began to design, manufacture, install already in 1995. Attracting co-financing from the European Union, in 2006, the production units of glazed structures were modernized and widened and state- of –the- art centers of automatic metal profiles and PVC processing were set up, providing fulfillment of high quality requirements and productivity.
Arcers as a manufacturer of glazed structures is known not only in Latvia but also in the Baltic States and in other foreign countries. Since the year 2004, the production quality is highly appreciated by construction clients and cooperation partners in Sweden and Norway.
The quality of Arcers SK  glazed structures and the process quality are evidenced by the certificates: