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Customer: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia

Design: Būvinženieru konsultāciju birojs Ltd.


Riga Cathedral

Tower reinforcement and restoration.

The restoration work covered the entire tower of the Riga Cathedral, while the indoor restoration activities were carried out in an area that includes the Chapel of Mary, the Southern Chapel, the Central Chapel, and Chapel of the Religious Procession. Utility and engineering facilities were also renovated.

5'000 square meters of wood construction were cleaned in the Riga Cathedral tower, the oldest architectural elements of this sort in Latvia. Fragments of various constructions were replaced with prosthetic wood elements, 120 cubic meters in total.

Inside the tower, a multi-level15-ton metal system was installed to bear the load, strengthen and stabilize the wooden constructions that is several centuries old and had deflected over the many years.

New copper-plate was installed on selected areas of the tower cupola, covering approx. 1'500 square meters of the cupola. The bell tower framework was restored and 7 bells were re-hung in addition to a restored clock mechanism.
During the construction new engineering communications were installed - new water supply, sewerage, electricity, low-voltage, ventilation, heating, lightning protection as well as automatic fire extinguishing system were built.